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That being said, you should also include Criminal Law — majority of those that sign up for the course are simply in it for what they feel they need to get the Mall Security job instead of following through into Law School. Still making enough money to not blog. Funny article though — most of these are pre-something majors though. Honestly, who goes through undergrad expecting to do something real after college nowadays?

I would say Social Work is the most expensive useless degree. Just go to community college. And the worst are the women who then go back and get their masters in social work. Alright, clever idea to make a list; but you should revise. Anything in the liberal arts field has no job placement but to teach or to work at a museum. Uh, they do very well because they all wind up getting either into business or law; but either way they HAVE to go to graduate school.

English lit majors have many applications, and they can not only teach but they usually wind up in some realm of Journalism, not just mere blogs. Most profitable being Chinese and Business. Film majors have little to no shot to making it. Aviation is hot right now, Western Michigan University is the place to be, Dubai has a 1 Mil signing bonus for pilots.

Anyone who buys this garbage is a moron. Oh, and I majored in Philosophy. I go to Parsons a nd screw you. Secondly, a lot of companies just want to see that you had the commitment to stick with something for 4 years 5 years in some cases. Some of the more general degrees will actually allow you some flexibility in what you do compared to a focused degree. Find something you like, find a way to get into it, sell yourself effectively in an interview and all will turn out well. Unlike other majors that result in BA degrees, with a BSE, you can be essentially assured a well-paying job, right out of college.

If you want to be nearly guaranteed a job, focus on nanotech! I major in Philosophy and Law and minor in Political Science. My studies in Philosophy have changed how I think about the world and of my life. It also makes me consider that things are not as simple as they seem.

With a text in philosophy, I have to read it more than once to get the whole meaning — to see the bigger picture, and Law and Political Science require that you zoom out and see the panoramic view. No degree can guarantee that you land the best paying job, but it can help. A major is a stepping stone to that degree. No matter what, education changes your perspective on life. I have one more year of college left, but I can say with certainty that I am not the same person I was in Ignorance can hurt you or others around you.

Bliss cannot be found in pain, unless one can see through that ignorance, and thereby see through the pain, to do something good. Any knowledge is good if it improves a person to see mistakes and to want to do something to improve upon life. My girlfriend majored in religion.

Hey comm majors… can you say do you want fries with that? The job market is literally filled to the brim with people that work in actual communications. What really pissed me off in college were the liberal arts and business majors complaining that they had to write papers… They had to do research and then write a little paper on what they found in a book… Are you for real??

A 10 page paper?? No I had to write a 10 page paper and make it do something. Oh and this was in another language… yeah no sympathy for people that bitch about writing papers….

So basically anyone not majoring in business is out of a job and wasting their time? Wow, what a depressing world if that is the only way to survive. Also, I dont see how you can include education majors, bz, unless schools suddenly stopped hiring teachers.

I should say business and science. Apparently according to most people here, thats all you can possibly do to stay afloat. Do what you love and nothing less. Go ahead make fun of the creatives. If you seriously care about what your doing then thats all that counts. Fine Art- you take all of the computer classes. Graduate, then get a high-starting wage job as a Flash Designer, and Laugh at all of your unemployed, economic majoring buddies who are unemployed!

Music Therapy has applications with autistic children. It can be used to stimulate lower functioning children into speaking. But of course, that also goes with psychology, behaviour study, and ability to teach. These are just four professional orginaizations around the world that would be very helpful in conveying the true ideals of music therapy to you. Let me just make mention of the applications of this type of therapy: But please really research this stuff before you pass judgment, one day you very well may fall into one of thoes catagories and need a good dose of music therapy for your mind, body and soul.

The fact that you think music therapy is just setting mood music in the old folks home is absolutely rediculous. Music therapists go through intense training in school, a 6 month internship, and then take an exam to become board certified. Music therapy is one of the growing jobs out there unlike your common sit behind a desk jobs that are fizzling. Music therapists are actually helping people.

Music therapy is a scientific, research based practice that is constantly in partnership with other modalities not for our own benefit but to help benefit the individuals that we work with. Unless you have the credentials of a music therapist DO NOT say that you are one because you can play music. You are commiting a huge wrong to society. Quit writing this kind of trash.

The other majors you listed also have more promise than you obviously have any clue about. Once again, Quit writing this trash. More sociology than actual law and procedures. For those with higher pursuits in mind, you see….

I am going to have to add a major in Business in there — No, not any of the specialty ones like Business Accounting, or Business Finance etc — Just plain Business — Talk about getting you no where! What a waste of my time! You can get a graduate degree in landscape architecture with any undergrad degree thank god and the pay is exceptionally good. I disagree with your maligning of Latin and Philosophy. Without the latin and Greek! I would never have undertood tghe workings of grammar — and, thus, of the human brain.

Philosophy, on the other hand, helped understanding how strangely the mind and reality are sometimes dis-related must be through lack of philosophy. Although we must adnmit: There are so many things you can do with an English degree! You can become a teacher, a professor, an editor, you can work for somewhere like spark or cliff notes, you can work for a text book company, you can write manuals….

All of these degrees are worthless. I spent 2 years in school to get one degree: Not a bad return on 2 years of work. I have buddy who majored in Community and Regional Development. Spent a whole year trying to get a job, so he decided to go back to school and get his masters… in Community and Regional Development.

He still gets blank stares when he tells people he has a masters in CRD. I published a response to this post, including career planning links for people in those majors and other such informative content. At least people with these majors went to college and made something of themselves …. Michael Perceval has it right. This is mostly to say that their work-force are educated above the high school level.

Do what you want, if you like dance, be a dance major, freedom means to right to chose, unaffected by forum flamers. Do your research first, you have absolutely no idea what music therapy is about. Its not teaching you how to play background music for the OAPs but is about helping people, particularly with mental conditions through participation in music.

I would love for someone to show me the statistics of unemployed lawyers vs. A lot of them might be tied to advertisements and commercials though…. Biology im a bio major, going on to pharmacy school…when i get out of there, i get six figures! In fairness it all depends on how good at it you are. You do a degree in a shit college and its a waste tbh. Point is if I get a im gonna be earning going on averages the same as someone without a degree, and im in Cardiff Uni, a business school that outranks both Oxford and Cambridge on graduate earning.

Too many people do a degree because thats whats seen as the norm. Point is, you gotta do well at it and know how to use it…………………. Oh and i may end up doing a masters in com, stop making me 2nd guess myself!!!!!!! While Latin is a completely worthless major in itself, it will get you immediately hired in some major public school districts that started teaching AP Latin which for reasons that completely elude me has recently become popular in education again.

Take note future college grads — a liberal arts degree leads to one of three things — teaching, law school, a cubicle, or worst of all an equally worthless PhD. I know, I majored in English. Art History and Philosophy is something that the only job you can get once you obtain your degree is to become an art history or philosophy teacher.

My BA in Sociology provided me with the unique ability and insight to be aware of just how much my proletariat ass suffers at their hands on the daily…and yes, I am being sarcastic…just a little bit. What about a degree in pharmacy? Six to seven years in college to end up counting pills and working nights and weekends at Walgreens. I want to work in an art museum. So art history is far from useless in my case. But I knew that from the start.

By the way, working in a museum is a great career. It allows you to work in a culturally rich setting and to work somewhere that serves a community. Smaller museums may have a dozen or so employees, larger ones can have a few hundred. There are directors, curators, registrars, exhibition planners, conservators, department of education jobs, archivists, the list goes on. You can even become a private consultant for the very rich people who want to know what they should buy for their private art collections.

So, if you love art, go for it, and with some perseverence, you should be able to find a great job. Man you hit this one on the head. I tell people every day to make every second of college count and they always come back with lame excuses of following your dreams. Like the avg undergrad can even follow a syllabus much less follow their dreams or know what there dream is. Ask the local chick at Starbucks majoring in Eng.

She doesnt know squat about even eng. African American Studies — haha wow so what can you do with this one besides chronicle years of injustice in America. Womens Studies — Wow so you hate men? So how will you benefit our comapny if we hire you? Psychology — Half the workers at Starbucks and Ikea have this one.

My roomate had this and she looked as though she was suicidal last time she came home from a special ed assignment. Classics — No one cares or even has heard of Plutarch or Polybius at work.

They are to busy surfing porn and dating co workers. Not once did anyone ask me about anything related to the classics. And no one gives a shit about latin and greek word roots. Sociology — Heres a good one for you all. I dont know any sociology majors and the University I went to gave them the crappiest building as well. This should tell you something. ALtin American Studies - 7. Native American Studies I add a few every college has a slew of these that you jsut know will get you into the unemployment line ASAP.

All of my friends who have graduated, despite their degrees, have had an extremely difficult time finding jobs. And they are all engineering, psychology, photography, and journalism majors. A major is useless unless the person who earns it is willing to work very hard to get what they want. Wait until the summer of your senior year comes around and your forced to move back in with your parents.

Employers are going to find it funny that you spent 4 yrs of your life studying English Lit. People need to major in areas that are in demand. Society needs doctors, engineers, comp. We have way too many Eng. What we dont need is 10, more psych grads. You will see asha when you graduate what the eng.

I like how everyone gets all offended by this. There are going to be slacker dead beats and successful millionaires to come out of just about any sort of major. I got one in , and I wound up working at gas stations for 10 years! They hire bums and homeless people to work at gas stations — the same thing I went to Jr. College for 2 years!

What a useless degree. Not once did an employer ever even ask me to show it to them — much less put it on the wall anywhere. You can be sucessful with basically any major. No one forced you into it. No one said it was going to be easy. So even if an employer never asked for your diploma you should just feel proud of yourself for having gone to school because it is something that not everyone can and want to do.

Is it not the case in America? I made a living as a pastor in two different denominations and a drug abuse program administrator in another. In a pure religious studies program, the only way you can make it is to get a Ph. Why, you are dead right on philosophy. It really is quite a good subject to take up if you want to learn which jobs you do not want to do.

By the way, Albert Schweitzer did take courses in philosophy but foremost he was a physician. While what you say is very true in most cases, it is ultimately about a persons ambitions. Being educated is all about dispersing the knowledge to others. People are going to be successful if they work hard, study and learn no matter what their majors are. The reason people who go to college do well—regardless of major and school—is because they have ambition and determination.

They will get up in the morning and take the bus to school and study when other friends are going out. These habits translate into the real world too.

You pretty much know right away whether someone wants to work towards their goals or is just along for the ride. I have a girlfriend who is going to grad school for an MBA and is barely functionally literate. She graduated with a business degree because she took all of the easiest courses with all lowest, dumbest easy grading teachers. The sad thing is that in order to get a quality education, you have to pay tip-top dollar in order to go to schools like Harvard, Yale, Princeton and the like.

Most other Universities are just glorified high schools. I think the biggest problem in college is that you are no longer rewarded for hard work, studying and learning. Its like you are buying the degree like you would buy a car or house. We need to pay more attention to learning and hard-work. I have to agree with most of these except a few.

My friend was a film major, with a minor in economics, and now he works as a cameraman at an independent film studio. The other is literature, I am an English major, with a minor in Geography, and I have to agree that a degree in just literature is pretty useless on its own. But, I had to take one semester of English literature both American and British With an full degree in English like I have you can find a job anywhere, currently I write articles for newspapers, I could easily become a screenwriter with the major I have.

The two most useless majors however are, Religion and Political Science. He should have added Psychology. Every freshman seems to major in psychology. A lot of the time it is, but not always. A degree is what you make it and I would be very careful about dismissing them on the basis of classification or subject.

Film actually goes under the multimedia degree section and while Hollywood is less likely you can still and a job if you know your stuff on TV programs and the like. Editors, cinematography, etc all deal with film and are needed in.

A in CHinese Studies lol im graduating this summer hahahahahhahahah im fed up with my four years of college, completely pointlesssssssssssssssssssssssssssss. Man, none of you can take a joke. Luckily I am a Human Biology major and going to medical school next year and am actually going to make something of myself.

Completely agree because gays are also human and we must respect their choice. Men love big guns, wars and different kinds of violence. Men are not tactful. Not all of us know the tactful rules of social behavior, but some are very tactful. What is really scary is that people get Phds in Femenist studies, psychology and many more of the above majors and then are shocked and think it is some social injustice when they are over educated and dead broke.

I was a communications major. Became a technical writer….. I chose communications because it was easy and only units…. What some may think is useless others find a deep intellectual interest. You are NOT entitled for a job based on school. I think this person is useless though. My dad did me a big favor after my first 2 years of college were spent boozing and screwing. He cut me off. I realized I had to finish and started paying my own bills and went to school full time and working 40 hours a week no loans, state school.

To give you an idea of the worth of that degree, they were laying off people and not hiring in the 80s when I got this damn degree. I on the agenda c trick to set up a guerilla ad for tic tacs for a ready project. What i considering to do is affix or someway spot oversized tic tac leaves their logo on a leafless tree during the winter times on a elaborate pavement conceivably somewhere like chicago where all is covered in snow, including the trees.

All about the LSAT. A few months ago I got a definitely unerring schmelke cue at get because the guy who owns the merge way I tolerant of to bolt at knows a guy who owns a cue shop. Everything else on the list is pretty fucking worthless, though. Then you can try to get somewhere doing what you love. You are so totally right. I have just completed a bachelors in literature and i have no fucking idea what i can do with it.

The dude taught most of my frigging classes, and always brought a lot of baggage into the classroom. I see a lot of salary amounts here. My chosen career path may yield a low salary but at least I love what I do and how many people can say that?

These days it seems like a BA or BS in any major, except for maybe prelaw, premed, engineering, computer science or anything already very specialized is a dime a dozen anyway. And even in those you still need your Masters, law degree, med degree… I can take a joke however, and this list made me chuckle. Actually, with an English degree you can get a great job in editing scientific information for investors.

I know a girl that is double majoring in Dance and Womens Studies, and a minor in French. I would probably choose the research paper writing service to http: Affiliate Marketing is a performance based sales technique used by companies to expand their reach into the internet at low costs. This commission based program allows affiliate marketers to place ads on their websites or other advertising efforts such as email distribution in exchange for payment of a small commission when a sale results.

After their missions they return to actually attend college or vocational training and do not attend ministry studies for a degree. Many of these seem correct. Communications and Journalism majors often go on to be anchorpeople on Good Morning America or the Early Show, or creating and selling ads to multi-billion dollar companies, or writing columns in the New York Times.

Did you fail at that one, too? And maybe you should take classes in Communications, because you seem pretty bad at understanding others and connecting people….

To paraphrase one of my favorite writers, Florence King, a masters degree in English equips a person for exactly one thing: As for the rest of it, if marrying someone with money is a goal, well not bad choices.

I knew Communications was gonna be on here. Alright genius — music therapists work primarily with children — most childrens hospitals have in-house music therapists, and a lot of them go off into private practice. I just thought you should know this, since you clearly have no idea what a music therapist actually is. Theology in psychology of course, theorizing and being able to analyze possible causes, cures, for so far uncureable diseases, bi-polar, where the cause is uncertain along with others.

Religion…mindfulness in Buddhism also prevalent in many Eastern religions along with the theologies of many Western thinkers as well is very helpful. There is no point in taking 45, dollars a year and throwing it out to pursue a career in which no one will ever ask to see your degree. English by itself is a less then spectacular degree. However a good amount of aspiring lawyers major in it before moving on to law school.

I definitely disagree some facets of this list. Philosophy and Latin are both popular undergraduate degrees taken in preparation for Law School. You want the path to career success for the recent college graduate?

It has almost nothing to do with your major. Plenty of employers will hire you fresh out of college, but rarely based on what you know. Unless you majored in nursing, accounting, certain engineering disciplines, or certain natural sciences such as biology or chemistry, nobody cares what you know.

Major in whatever interests you. Work hard and compile a shiny, polished academic resume, but harbor no illusions that it will ensure that first, big-ticket job offer. Google and Wikipedia do not count ; 3 Write something that somebody else might actually want to read; and 4 Speak in front of a group.

You can get these skills in a variety of majors. If you graduate without at least two of them, you have wasted your time. If none sound interesting or fun, what in the world are you doing in college? Then, after graduation, go get whatever job you can find. So, you hear about Music Therapy, look up the definition and — based on your clearly ignorant take of that definition — you decide it is useless.

Not anyone can be a music therapist. You need to go through a good program and pass the AMTA test. You learn how to use music professionally to promote a healthy change in an individual. Playing music for the patient is a very very small part of music therapy.

And people DO hire music therapist in hospitols and schools and care centers accross the nation and world-wide. Honestly, do some research! People with special needs were able to progress further than any professional expected of them because of applied music therapy. Elderly people learned to enjoy the last few years of their lives. Cancer patients found strength in music therapy to get through the hard time and yes, there was science behind that, too.

I am a college professor and I laughed like a hyena. But then again, I can afford to laugh, what with the tenured job and all. Just want to let you know I majored in Latin, and graduated from college with a C average. I wanted to teach.

It took me fifteen years to get out of the clutches of the married with children and mortgage thing that had taken over my brain, and I went back to grad school. Moral of the story: S it doesnt matter where you live its why and who your there for.

Communications is one of the most divers majors you can have. There are all kinds of job that fall under communications. My brother went into communications and now works in public relations for a band and makes plenty of money.

The man I nanny for is pretty rich and majored in communications though I have no idea what he does. I just want the piece of paper that says I dont have to die in the gutter! Once your homeless; game over! First of all English Lit. Dance yes its called got to New York,L. A,San Francisco ,or Boston. Do NOT major in chemistry, biochemistry, or biology unless you are planning to go to medical school.

These degrees are pretty worthless! Also no one hires scientist. Scientist just end up being temps at places for years. Music therapy has been proven through research to help populations of people. In a city close to me there are over 6 music therapist at work. Most music therapists will make a bit more than the average high school teacher, but of course you could always specialize in GMI and go out to California to work with celebrities and such with all that such you were talking about for an easy 6-digit payroll.

I give advice you to notice http: My supervisor sends me job offers every week from all over the country, working with different populations pediatrics, special education, adult and child psych.

Whoever wrote the description probably has a business degree and is stuck writing website columns bashing the liberal arts. So true, i think landscape architect takes the lead there though, just a glorified draftsmen in nice do up boots. I have degrees in philosophy, Latin, and English lit. Philosophy taught me the foundations of knowledge. Latin helped me with my math my other major and my knowledge of how languages grow and assimilate words and lose others.

English lit also taught me about human nature and the human condition. Now, I work for myself, keep my own hours, and set my own rates. I play from Tuesday — Thursday and work the other four days of the week.

Frankly I disagree that college is worthless and shouldnt be considered at all. The main problem is kids go to college and get degrees that are useless- like the ones in this article. When I graduated I had more job offers than I could follow up on and there is a shortage in the field. I started college at 23 after getting out of the military. You guys forgot Kinesiology. I have to go back to school and get an associates degree so I can get job.

I am a music therapy major and you got it completely wrong. Not to mention tons of psych classes and hours of clinicals every semester. And we can work with almost any group of ppl: Seriously, I sit on the internet most of the day.

My work consists of me opening a manual and finding the answers for other people. They could do that, but I have the experience so they pay me assloads to do it for them!

Great commentary on useless degrees. I got a nursing degree from a 2 yr. Because of Nursing, I can travel the world and have… there is a shortage and a high demand for nurses.

Sorry, but as a Latin major with a teaching job, I think your list is lacking in research. First of all, as new artifacts are being discovered all the time, not every piece of Latin has been translated. And as an engineering student i think that accounting and business management should be on the list as well.

I think actually using music to help people is better than playing in front of audience who payed an over priced ticket to see performance majors make them selves feel better. Also, there is a stable and growing job market for music therapist. Wow, the idiot that wrote this must have no concept of success in the real world.

Latin, as well as a classics major in general are prime routes to law school. Any mindless college student would know that. Just try reading into that a little more. There are 2 major psych feilds. One is worthless because of the fact that so many people have the Psych Arts major.

Neuroscience is already booming, and we barely know anythng about the human mind. So, what happened to doing something you want to do simply because you love it? Is that laughable now? If you want to major in dance — major in dance — who cares?!! There are literally thousands of television stations with thousands and thousands of jobs… guess who has the best chance of landing a position there?

Not everyone has to try to work in Hollywood. When really the Mormon missionaries are in no way doing their missionary service for college or for any sort of pay or future jobs.

They come back like normal college students like you and me and few actually study religion in college and go on to get a religion-related job. You should put a picture of a pastor or priest…someone that actually gets paid for their religious service…which goes against everything taught in the bible! This guy is one hell of a dumb fucker.

Are you that oriented towards consumerism? Your ignorance is on full display to the world here, sir. Huh, how not shocking.

Useless degrees can work if you are charming, good looking, very talented, intelligent, connected, got successful internships before graduating, got your degree in four years or less, or got a good job two years before graduating. The paycheck you earn with your degree will let you know the truth. This approach makes more sense, and at least you can look forward to having a life in a short period of time. Research, internships, and field experience is what counts. There is no such thing as a useless major — rather a useless undergrad experience.

Why not a major in advanced general studies which includes all liberal arts topics and science and focuses on skill evelopment like critical thinking and analytics, etc. Graduating BAs also need to be able to write, commincate well verbally, perform basic math, and conduct themselves as professionals, etc.

There is a long list of employability skills and few of those skills have any close relationship to a specific major. The focus is warped and the system broken. BTW — It has been my experience that successful English majors have excellent analytical skills. Let us focus more on creating usefull undergrad experiences! I love it when someone gets offended by this list. Insecurity is common among the future unemployment line.

I was a communication major. Out of my class, about half of the comm majors were very bright and got jobs quickly in a very broad range of occupations. That is the benefit of comm, it combines a lot of fields to make one a better produced and receiver of messages.

However, in the course of my studies, and wandering out and about my fine campus, I have come across the most pointless majors:. Generally gets trashed every weekend, never studies. Good work, you can type up a news article, though anyone with fingers and a keyboard can do the same without a liberal spin.

These liberals are found mostly studying in the grass around campus, or sunning topless. The only thing they do remotely useful is teh last. You people amuse me; math dodging, english course fearing, Kinesiology avoiding liberals who put up ungodly colors on cardboard cut outs to mimic clothes. Like Political Science, Sociology, Anthropology, Literature Science, International Relations and Ethnic Relations, they are quasi-scientific subjects which could be mastered by a moderate amount of after-work reading and can even be tought online without classroom or practical participation.

Universities and colleges around the world, even reputable institutions of higher learning are more desperate than ever to keep their own staff employed and attract the unemployed with promises that somehow a university or college education regardless of subject matter will lead to a brighter future.

Political activists have long sought to turn their pet issues, ideologies and theories into official research and curriculum sciences, naturally under the guise of university research autonomy. But this is of little benefit to unsuspecting college graduates who today cannot find jobs or even gain entry to the qualified labour market. There are a few things cautious parents and careful prospective students can do to avoid the many traps the new university and college degree markets will not warn you about.

Here are some of them:. Non-practical programmes are always something you should scrutinize very carefully before committing to them. Beware of them and check with various professional bodies in advance to see what if any qualifications they are considered to provide depending upon your profession.

If any of these are truly legitimate or valuable they will likely be the ones offered by prestigous and known institutions that does not have to mean expensive. If you already have a Masters degree it might be better to get a professional bachelors degree which provides a basis for licensure in a profession than to get a doctorate in any subject.

I would have to say that criminology and criminal justice should be in the top 5 most worthless majors. Even if you plan on going into Law Enforcement, you learn everything you need to know at your training academy. Also, most departments only require 60 college credits if at all to qualify, so a degree in criminology and criminal justice is not even necessary for Law Enforcement.

Good luck trying to find a decent entry level position if you change your mind when you graduate and decide to do business. I find the real problem is college in general. I mean even engineering has this problem. Here in NYC, all the ad firms hire English majors to check and write copy. I work for a service management company, and no one gives a shit about literacy, not my employers, especially not my employees. Being vague, unrevealing, and bland is marketability.

People would rather deep-fry their literacy in nomenclature that, if you learn it, means far less than it sounds. So shut the fuck up and die. Yup…glad I picked engineering! Or maybe just the people who have failed in their own lives post their woes along with this sad group of screwups.

I know quite a few individuals with philosophy degrees formulating public policy. Art history on the other hand will take you into the world of science, working with archeologists, sociologists and others to gain a firm grasp on a specific period or research project.

Understanding the context of how and why some created a piece of art helps to reconstruct a period in history. Who do you think is examine all that artwork dug up from archeology sites? Very few Art History majors ever consider work in a museum.

The person writing this article truly lacks any understanding of education or our current social structures. Perhaps a degree in any of these field might help you gain a more holistic picture of the world you live in. English Literature as worthless, that one I find absurd. English is a universal language and opportunities are certainly plentiful, internationally. I think its funny that the picture for religion is of two Mormon missionaries. I know noone is going to read this…but how come all the people pictured are white?

Do only white people fail? Its funny that some people got offended by this- chill out folks. But, that makes me feel better about myself- though i realize its pretty useless too. Most businesses and corporations will train you to do what they want you to do. Employers look to see if you can stick with challenging tasks in life college. Having a degree period helps you get great jobs. Nor is the sole reason for getting a degree to lead one straight to a career.

Career building happens in graduate studies and further beyond. Seraphic Wannabe is right. All of the fun shit they make physics look like is just engineering stuff.

None of these majors are useless. As a matter of fact, many lawyers major in philosophy before they get a J. Besides, your argument is a slippery slope. One can argue from your premise and conclusion that any degree is useless. You say you took philosophy but if you did than you would know philosophy cannot be done by oneself. Rather it is done by dialoge with others written or spoken in order to learn. By the way I double majored in college Philosophy and English Lit.

I never smoked pot in college. Please do not place your experiences on all of us. You are a sad bitter person. I have been told that contrary to what i was told when hired I should never expect to get a full-time job in education.

I actually tend to think psychology is a useless major. Essentially, you have to learn your job anew. That psych major offers no advantage over anyone else. Oh, and add Women and Gender Studies to the list of useless majors. Students taking courses for that major spend them looking at their genitalia with mirrors and taking field trips to strip clubs. What a colossal waste of time, not to mention money.

And people wonder why the our futures are going down the drain. How much happier am I that I chose my profession rather than listening to the half-baked advice from an editor of the highly esteemed Holytaco. My Cost for my double major: I find Criminal Justice and Legal Studies, the most overrated and useless degrees ever created. WTF is peace studies? For example for one retail sales job they are prefering people with a degree, even though its not specialty sales that might demand one.

Say selling fine art or designer fashions where a degree may have some relevant uses. The ones that have the overall aptitudes to get the bachelors or higher under a demanding program.

The rest should be going to vocational schools, apprenticeship programs, reputatble technical colleges or community colleges OR learn on-the-job. Since it seems most would end up in such jobs. Some will say be above average or exceptional in any area and others below average or dismal in any area. If th person is not reasonably high level in academics in high school sending that person to college for a bachelors is likely a waste of time, money and puts them in a poor career path.

But if they must have a bachelors they will go taking light demand majors just to get the diploma so they can stay or be employed at all. I have a two year degree in accounting and had to earn a bachelors so majored in general studies taking the lightest courses I could, to get the bit of paper, because its demanded by employers. Even if that degree is unrelated to my work. Even though I have over twenty years of experience in accounting operations work and have an exceptional work record.

And my GPA in my associates was 3. Many of these are fantastic courses and incite intellectualism in any person who takes them. Many of these are worthwhile majors or courses and many people should get at least take a course in one of these because it opens your mind to reality and intelligence. If you actually go to graduate school you can generally make 60k and above….

I feel bad for the suckers studying Biology…. The masters is now considered the new bachelors etc. Whoever wrote this was probably some bitter prick who was never exposed to anything artistic, philosophical or literary. Also the biggest misconception of graduate school is that it can cost you a pretty penny…the truth of the matter is most schools will help you fund your education if you promise to be employed by them afterwards and if you get decent GRE scores…so yeah poo on you….

God there are a lot of cynical jerks on here. If that was the case everybody would be a business major. If you love social work or dance you should major in it and expect to get paid almost nothing to do what you love. I knew an dumb chick who was 45, in debt as a psychology major junior so she could be a psychiatrist. You have to have a degree in premed and then go to med school to be a psychiatrist!

Also, according to the message boards nobody knows what liberal arts are. It is not a major, it is a general degree that can be very valuable. I went to medical school, I do not regret It, I can pretty much find any job anywhere in the world. But I was always a bit ignorant with other majors, specially majors that were not in the scientific areas.

I do not understead what theyre all about. Like I thought a communications major was almost the same thing as journalism. Whats the difference, I really dont get it. Can someone please explain to me the diferrence?. I dissagree with social work and psychology. Theyre very useful in hospitals settings, they really help when it comes to difficult patients, homeless people,children, etc.

Start off with a decent GPA and a good skill set. Take a course in accounting, learn to program in Java, take a database course Oracle , biology, technical writing. Then you get major in dance or psy. I was surprised to see History missing from this list. I work as a web designer for a major company but I built those skills on my own. College is a good time to build character, friends, and good habits — earning a degree is only a part of the process.

Almost every director in hollywood made some shitty movie around their college age, you have to start somewhere. I was an English major which I will regret til the day I die and you hit that one right on the money.

Here i sit at an entry level position at some random small company. But, I like it. This article is pretty ignorant- there are lots of jobs out there for many of these degrees. As an English major myself, I know mostly about those. Writing happens- whoever WROTE this article got paid for it, and the majority of ppl that get paid to write are English or Journalism majors. Editors, copywriters, manuscript readers, and college-level English teachers who can fetch a decent salary if they stick to one place long enough were all English majors.

And I bet they all like their jobs better than computer and business majors who sit behind a desk and format files all day making a zillion dollars a year. They all have one thing in common though and that is that not one of them is doing the job for which they studied. One qualified as a math major, now heads up an advertising agency, another has a PhD in psychotherapy and works as a senior systems analyst for Nissan.

At the end of the day few people end up doing what they studied to do and those who do tend to be very grey, boring people. I laugh at all the students who I tutor and tell me that they are studying the social sciences when all the jobs are in applied sciences.

Thank goodness there are post-bachs! The reason companies hire Philosophy majors is because of their analytical and writing skills. Yes it is true that the ancient Greeks were into that sort of thing; however, it was a cultural thing and not merely a philosopher thing.

As a final not, I hope that you do understand that most Philosphy major go on to graduate schools with most attending Law schools. Tons of large and small companies are using video and multimedia to push marketing initiatives. I have worked at large, endless budgeted companies developing video content for trade shows and online ads posted on cnet.

And i also have worked at small, very low budget places that use film and audio to pull potential investors in. No degree is stupid per se, the only stupid thing is how the person leverages what skill set they possess.

Try majoring in foreign languages, and then landing a job in the mountains of North Carolina. Shit… worst decision I ever made.

Well, maybe second worst. You forgot a Finance Degree in Cleveland, Ohio. That is unless you come out of college with yrs of experience in the field, and who does that???

Trust me on this. Music therapists work in places like hospitals and clinics. Music therapists can sing, play guitar, piano, percussion, and can use those skills to do things like help people re-learn to speak after having a stroke. They help people regain physical coordination after an injury.

These people study neuroscience. You should have double majored in English and Math or History and Physics. Quite frankly, your writing skills are poor at best. The truth sometimes hurts. Liberal arts degrees really do have value. Your assumption that LA degrees teach common skills is dead wrong, and your inability to construct a paragraph without hideous errors in syntax is proof.

Coffee House Coffee Pourer: Been almost a year and still no job. The vivacious dancers set the floor on fire with their energetic performances. The colourful dances made us proud of the diverse traditions across our country. In the Senior category Yellow House emerged winners for their beautiful display of the Bihu festival. In the Junior category, the Blue House emerged winners for their enthusiastic performance showcasing the unique Gujardi dance form of Gujarat.

Nritya was indeed a visual feast for one and all. Questions wake people up and show us new ways of doing things. Haeems attended a workshop on "The Art of Questioning: Rampal Singh, the facilitator of the workshop, emphasized the need for teachers to look at questioning as an instructional approach to understand its lasting impact on student learning. Tachakra , Assistant Guide Captains Ms. Khan to Pinewood Resort, Karjat.

First-hand learning experience amidst nature helped these young minds explore new avenues. It was an exciting day with fun- filled activities and rides as the children got a good dose of Vitamin D. It was a day well spent!

The students of Stds. Finally students danced to the latest foot- tapping music and exhibited various moves. All this made the trip a memorable one! The vast open spaces at the resort offered our young enthusiasts an opportunity to engage in a wide range of adventure activities as well as indoor and outdoor games.

The professional DJ had our children tapping their feet to popular tunes in no time. The timely delicious meals, lovingly served to the children, were also relished. The splendid Golden Temple at Amritsar and the solemn Flag hoisting ceremony at Wagah Border were the highlights of the trip. Both visits left the children inspired. At the end of each day, the children worked studiously at their assigned Project.

They also found time to play, dance and create wonderful memories. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. Tips were given on the safe and proper use of Automated Teller Machines ATM with the help of child-friendly audio-visual aids. The event began with the lighting of the lamp of knowledge and a prayer service. Our Principal delivered a profound keynote address which touched a cord with everyone present. The latter part of the event witnessed the students letting their hair down with fun-filled games, a jam session and a scrumptious buffet.

The evening came to an end when the students bid a tearful farewell to their teachers and their alma mater. A fun morning for students and parents! The School wore a festive look as children from KG to Std.

Santa came to visit the Kindergarten Section to the great delight of the students who greeted him with squeals of joy. He distributed chocolates and advised the little ones to be good during the holidays. They promised to share their goodies with others who are not so fortunate. They watched a movie and danced to some foot-tapping music.

The children were told about the reason for the Season and ways in which they can be a blessing to others through little acts of kindness. It was a fun-filled day, singing carols and dancing to Christmas tunes; celebrating Christmas with friends and looking forward to As it is a walking distance from our School, this was an excellent field trip for the little ones.

Explanation on how the trucks and firemen worked was given to them. Fire prevention rules and precautions were also emphasized. They witnessed a fire dousing drill, which was exciting for them. The workshop highlighted issues like regarding bullying, physical and emotional changes in children, good and bad touch, maintaining hygiene and a balanced diet.

It was an interactive workshop, well attended by Std 5 parents. Download - Applied Mathematics Workshop: On Friday, 23rd November the students of Std.

The Pythagoras Theorem was combined with Calculus, Algebra, Graphical Representation and other Mathematical Concepts making it an interactive, eye-opening session. He also explained the meaning of Applied Mathematics and enumerated the various Math courses a student could apply for.

It was definitely a challenging and informative session demonstrating that Math is fun, relevant and leads to exciting careers. Delicious smells greeted the Sr. Their General Knowledge topic being Community Helpers, their teachers took them on a tour of the bakery to see first-hand how the biscuits and croissants they enjoy are baked.

Wide-eyed and excited the students saw the entire process of bread making - from kneading, stretching and cutting the dough to how it is baked in giant ovens.

They also witnessed the packing process using machines. The cherry on the cake was the tasting session! The Science students of Std. Abhijit Majumder and his team. Our students could easily connect the theories they had studied with what was explained and shown to them by the research students at the IIT labs.

Abstract concepts became much clearer to them and they returned enriched from this outing. Saturday, 11th November , witnessed the third edition of Brainstorm, a youth innovative forum organized by our students of the ISC section at our School. This year saw six accomplished speakers from various fields share their journey: The audience was inspired to look at life from a different perspective and encouraged to pursue their own aspirations. An orientation for admission to ISC was conducted for the parents of Std.

They were addressed by the Principal, one student and parent from each of the three streams of Humanities, Science and Commerce. Information regarding the choice of subjects offered, the teacher-student ratio, criteria for selection, individual experiences etc were shared. The aspects highlighted were the need for academic vigour and holistic development through the various opportunities provided by the School for its students in the ISC Section.

In the light of this saying, the students of Std. This Project Trip not only enriched the students but also turned out to be a memorable walk with Mother Nature. The students understood the historical importance of the Kanheri Caves, while the Nature Trail and the Butterfly Garden enhanced their scientific curiosity and brought out various learning outcomes.

The projects conducted on site not only stimulated their observation skills, but also taught them to work in co-ordination with one other, thus highlighting the importance of team work. All in all it was an educative as well as a nurturing experience that each child took home. The story was judged by Mr. Ruskin Bond and his jury. The students were able to witness first-hand a search and rescue operation and a high speed chase.

Students came dressed in traditional Indian clothes, turning the clasrooms into a sea of colour. They were made aware of the problems caused by crackers and they have promised not to burst any instead donate that money to the charity. All in all, an exciting and fun-filled day for the little ones. Keeping in mind that road safety is of paramount importance, Sr. KG students were addressed by a traffic policeman on Monday, 9th October Various traffic rules were discussed.

Questions were asked and answered. Children were inspired to carry the message home that traffic rules must be followed by all - not just by motorists but also by pedestrians.

It builds empathy and gratitude in children who have been bred in comfortable urban surroundings. They did community service through environmental sustainability activities. The joy of giving stationery and other articles to the local students was fulfilling and enriching. There were assigned various tasks of teaching, assisting and interacting with the villagers.

They worked in setting up basic facilities and learnt a little about village life. They created a report of their findings so that further developmental work can be undertaken. The children set up a computer laboratory with computers which were donated by our School, a library, a sports room, a primary education centre, a health centre with medicines and basic equipment and a volley-ball Court.

The students donated jewellery kits so that the women of the village have an alternate means of livelihood. They also painted and then gifted diyas along with lanterns and Diwali decorations to the households. Children of the village participated wholeheartedly in the above.

It was a proud moment to see our Principal and the local MLA inaugurate the facilities. Results of the Inter-House Basketball tournament held on 10th October It was duly assembled with care and then eaten with relish.

KG students who each sowed seeds to understand how these seeds grow into plants. Subsequently, the plants were taken home. Hopefully, our students will be motivated plant trees to make our world greener and cleaner. They enjoyed the fest as it provided a perfect platform to display their potential in a healthy, competitive environment. Our students won prizes in various events: It was a camaraderie and cheer as the teachers participated in indoor and outdoor games followed by a sumptuous lunch.

The Blue House chose to depict the effects of Demonetization on the common man in their play "Money makes the World go Round".

Red House 1st Best Performer: Ahaan Kapileshwari [12C] Yellow House 2. Priyamvad Ranade [10A] Blue House 3. Shaan Bhatt [11A] Green House 4. Aarushi Zarthoshtimanesh [12A] Green House The Principal hoisted the National Flag at 8: This was followed by a short prayer service, after which Stds.

The ISC section then performed a short skit and danced to two patriotic songs which celebrated our Unity in Diversity. The programme concluded with the singing of the National Anthem. The students were able to get a hands-on experience on the mechanism and working of an aircraft.

They also learnt the science behind the flying of aircrafts. The students were presented with certificates and souvenirs. On Friday, 11th August , at 9: A special poem was recited by the students to convey their love and gratitude for their grandparents; who in turn wrote a loving note for their precious little ones. The students gifted a card to them as a keepsake. Emotions ran high with the grandparents appreciating the the efforts put in by students and teachers.

It was an enriching experience for our Teachers as the workshop helped them understand simple, yet innovative, methodologies, using tablets. Bombay Scottish School, Mahim sent a contingent of 27 delegates from Stds. The delegates actively participated in amicable yet passionate debate and submitted comprehensive paperwork to provide solutions to the agendas under discussion. The awards won were as follows: Arjun Virani [10B] High Commendation: Section Colours are an integral part of our life and KG students are learning about them by looking, listening and doing.

KG students dressed in red T-shirts and white shorts, enjoying activities, stories and games centred around the colour, Red. Activities included water-saving awareness, free-hand drawing and learning a poem on the colour Blue. Plants, pictures and toys were brought from home and Circle Time was full of fun and games with Green as the central theme. Many students even spoke a few sentences on the objects they had brought. This inculcates confidence and builds vocabulary.

They drew and coloured pictures of rain wear. They also learnt poems and songs on rain. They brought toys and cut outs of earthworm, snails and frogs. Students spoke with confidence on the object or picture they had brought. The workshop gave the students an insight into the rich history of cinema, not only in India, but across the world. The workshop highlighted the technicalities of movie making and how cinema has evolved over the years.

The students got an opportunity to meet with a well-known actor of yester-years, Ms. Kamini Kaushal and TV actor Ms. Needless to say, the children will cherish every moment of this experience as it gave them a new perspective about the world of cinema, with its interactive approach and amazing visuals.

The competition created a history of sorts, as for the first time, street plays in Hindi were staged In our quest to make the performances as authentic as possible, the Gamaliel Hall took on a completely new avatar.

The centre of the hall became the grandstand for the performances, with the audience and judges seated all around. The audience was riveted by the powerful performances, which were entertaining as well as thought-provoking. Reeva Nanda [8C] 2nd Best Performer: Kyra Gore [8D] 3rd Best Performer: Hetvi Maru [8B] Special Mention: Sonali Hatalkar of Sr.

Simple techniques were demonstrated in handling puppets and using them as an instructive tool in the classroom to engage the students effectively. It was an interactive session, which was very helpful as it effectively resolved many doubts that the students had. This was amply exemplified by Mr. It was amazing to see the large number of his students, both past and present, show up on the basketball court to wish him a fond farewell, on Saturday, 1st July We are proud of their achievement and wish them the very best in all their future endeavors.

Professionals who have been successful in their respective fields were brought in to speak to the students. Their experience and expertise added to the authenticity and effectiveness of each session. All in all, from the general response of the students, it would be safe to say that it was a well-received and thoroughly enjoyed event.

Students certainly left the premises as better equipped leaders of tomorrow. We are confident that the students will imbibe the values learnt and become better individuals. The Conclave was interesting as it dealt with matters pertaining to the merits and demerits of our education system and of the system of selection of Captains. In addition, they also witnessed various interesting documentaries and participated in a variety of engaging activities to reinforce their understanding of the exhibition.

This initiative brought alive facts from their History textbooks and helped children reconnect with the subject in a novel and unique manner.

It was an experience that has set a positive tone to this new academic year. The speakers threw light on the fact that Science is based on observation rather than imagination and that it is an ongoing process. It was an informative and engaging session over all. Lobo on Friday, 9th June The sessions conducted by Museum Educators Bilwa Kulkarni and Saker Mistri threw light on how museum visits could help our students appreciate our rich culture and heritage.

The workshop was interesting and gave an insight into how teachers can make teaching and learning of History interesting and relevant to students. Representatives of the Boards were also present and provided valuable inputs. To question the outside world from within a committee, to challenge the hegemony of a select few, to blur the lines between the possible and the impossible between a student and a member of the United Nations - this is the Scottish Model United Nations Conference in its fifth edition.

KG concert held on Wednesday 12th April was a resounding success. News, Fashion, Travel and Health were presented through song, dance, drama and choral recitation.

The little ones were dressed to the hilt and performed like professionals on stage. Their confidence and dance skills were a treat to watch. The myriad facets of this large-hearted city were effectively and endearingly showcased by the students. Parents and grandparents applauded and appreciated their poise and showmanship.

The students were introduced to the history of the Stock Exchange, its special features, its rating as compared to other major stock exchanges, the world of trading in shares and much more.

The informative session ended with a round of question and answer and a visit to the impressive Convention Hall. For the students it was a day well spent as they gained better insight into what makes the wheels of our economy turn. The foot-tapping songs each morning set the mood for the day.

Values from the Bible were put forth in a very entertaining manner with the help of short skits performed done by Mr Dinesh and his team. Indeed, this VBS has made our children realize that when they are willing to share, care and help one other, they will make the world a wonderful place for all.

Tejas Shah, for the students of Std. Students were made aware of the activities they were engaged in during the day and the number of hours that they spend on them. They were told how to gain extra hours by doing two or more activities simultaneously and by reducing time spent on unproductive work.

Tips on how to manage their time wisely and increase their output were helpful and something that would benefit students in both their academic career and in life. On Tuesday, 25th April , a workshop was conducted by motiviational speaker Dr. Sujata Singhi for Std. The students were made aware of how to improve their communications skills giving emphasis to body language and gestures. A video clipping was shown to highlight the fact that one can communicate even without speaking a word.

Thereafter, some students were called upon to give a demonstration on their own communication skills. The workshop ended with every student writing out a poem in one minute on any topic of their interest. Altogether, it was a very informative and educative session for the students. On Thursday 15th March , 20 students selected from Stds.

Chirag Arya and his team of three teachers. The students were given a hands-on experience on making a very simple game using the software. The session was thoroughly enjoyed by the students. She was accompanied by Mr. The session was interactive and informative and well-received by our students. Students from Stds 1 to 4 presented a piano recital, playing a variety of fun songs in groups as well as solo.

The parents appreciated this opportunity and cheered the participants enthusiastically. Chatura Rao in the Gamaliel Hall. Rao answered questions on the writing process, elements of characterization, setting and narrative voice. A few students also read from their own works from the anthology.

The reunion was marked by nostalgia and an over whelming sense of pride and gratitude for what this institution has given to each one of her students. The joy of meeting classmates and teachers and reminiscing about the numerous activities that make School-life so special, was truly the highlight of this event.

The Guest of Honour was Mr. This was followed by Mr. While reminiscing about his School days, Kaushal told students that honesty, hard work and fair play were some of the values this School taught him. Friendly matches in football, basketball and throwball were played between ex-students and current students. The spectacular dance performances by the winning Yellow House enthralled the audience.

Satish Murarka, was followed by a scrumptious lunch hosted by the students of the batch of The students came back with exciting reports on how their reading aloud went! Finally on 16th February, Pomegranate students of Stds. Voice warms-ups, parents reading-aloud, facilitators reading-aloud and exciting clues to unlock each segment of the story were all part of the excitement around reading aloud as the Gamaliel hall resonated with the sound of stories and the thrilled responses of the students.

The Lad and Lass Pageant had the audience rooting for their favourites. Lad and Lass respectively The dance session and dinner that followed was enjoyed by one and all with great enthusiasm.

The function began with the traditional Lamp Lighting Ceremony, Prayer Service and valuable words of advice from the Principal. The teachers in turn put up a touching presentation showing what they felt was most special about each student.

Interesting games were played and students also danced to their favourite numbers. The evening concluded with a lavish dinner. There were speeches by the the outgoing and incoming School Captains. The morning began with an exhilarating start where the students of Stds. The Yellow House was the eventual winner. This was followed by the four Houses of Stds. Green House emerged as the Overall Winner. The significance of the Constitution and the Duties of the citizens of India were emphasized during a special assembly led by the members of the Citizenship Club.

The Pledge was solemnly taken by all students from Stds. Alva attended this workshop, which was interesting and enlightening. Rohini Salian, a Public Prosecutor, Mr. In this event sportspersons from Mahim and Powai compete with each other for laurels in various sport events.

Certificates were awarded to each participant. Seven speakers ranging from the age of 7 to 26 years were invited to talk about achievements ranging from entrepreneurship to social work to music. There was also a panel discussion conducted amongst the seven speakers, providing the audience with a glimpse into the minds of the speakers and leaving them cerebrally stimulated and enriched with the brilliance of these young achievers. The programme was informative, enriching and fun as it also consisted of a slogan writing competition which the students enjoyed tremendously.

Their infectious enthusiasm, catch slogans impressed the BIS Team who assured us that never before did they have such a tough time choosing a winner! Students were dressed in shorts, T-shirts, a jaunty cap and BIG smiles! Jr KG children visited the R. Dhonde Park opposite the School, accompanied by their teachers and helpers. The nature walk was exciting as children learnt firsthand how plants grow and were encouraged to plant trees and shrubs wherever they could, near their home.

After the nature walk, the students sat in the Skating Rink area to enjoy a Nature drawing session, followed by singing and playing. Upon returning back to School, the students had a plant growing session in their class and now they wait for the plant to grow! They visited the Geego Bakery adjacent to the School. Awestruck, they saw the flour being mixed to make yummy breads, cakes and cookies. The giant oven rolling and filled with breads had them spellbound which was followed by a lesson in cutting, packing and labelling of the baked goods for the shop.

The cherry on the cake was the tasting session of delectable cookies. A mock fire drill was conducted specially for them. The children were excited the firemen at work.

They were taught to to call in case of fire. It was a wonderful learning experience for our 1st graders. Ready with their postcards in hand, our 2nd graders walked to the Mahim Post Office, dropped their postcards into the postbox after which they visited the office to see how letters are sorted, stamped and handed over to the postman for delivery.

The visit was truly enriching and educational. The children came back with fond memories and are now eagerly awaiting the arrival of the postman at their homes. Children enjoyed themselves watching the trapeze artists, gymnasts, clowns and animals. The highlight of the show was the cricket match between two elephants representing India and Pakistan.

This was followed by an amazing performance on the drums by a trio of ex-students and brilliant musicians, Gino Banks, Hamza Kazi and Jai Row Kavi, that the students enjoyed thoroughly. They were joined by their Teachers who played with equal alacrity.

In all, it was a day well celebrated and well enjoyed. Over the few hours they spent with the villagers, they conducted various activities like teaching the children, playing with them, conversing with the elderly, working with the women and, entertaining as well as educating them with a street play.

They even cooked a meal of vegetable pulav that the village children enjoyed. It is not only the villagers who stood to gain from this experience but our 9th graders learnt how the majority of our citizens live and I am sure they returned with a keen appreciation of how truly blessed they are.

The students were dressed in traditional Indian wear. A video clip on the significance of the festival of Diwali was shown to the children. The song and dance session was enjoyed by children and adults alike. The objective of this trip is to inculcate a positive attitude in our students towards co-operative work with the wider community so as to help them apply their classroom knowledge to nation-building activities. They participated in dragnet fishing, farming, milking cows, making bricks and also visited a school for tribal children, where they distributed stationery.

The students spent two fruitful days in rural immersion, learning team-spirit through meaningful activities. The students will be engaged in Community Service at these two villages where they will continue the projects initiated last year by the students of Stds. Their activities entail making sandwiches for the village children, teaching young ones, resource mapping, performing street plays with a social theme to create awareness, making a seasonal calendar, planting tree saplings and conducting a baseline survey.

We are sure the students will return fulfilled and moved by this experience - The 16th National Cyber Olympiad 16th National Cyber Olympiad was conducted successfully in School, on Thursday, 20th October The panelists were Ms. Bahar Dutt, an environmental journalist, Mr. Rakesh Sharma, the first Indian Cosmonaut and Mr.

Felix Darwin, the great grandson of Charles Darwin. The focus of this Congress was to highlight the importance of Green Schools and how every student should play a catalytic role in accelerating the Green Movement in the country.

The multidimensional brainstorming session between the audience, comprising primarily of students, teachers and panelists marked the end of a very informative and thought provoking day. Everyone who attended this conference went home convinced that each of us must change our lifestyle to save this planet. Ashwini Kapileshwari, from the world of finance, conducted an interactive workshop on Non-verbal Communication for the students of Std.

She emphasised the importance of body language in all situations, ranging from everyday interactions to business interviews. In her session, Ms. Kapileshwari conveyed to the young adults that actions speak louder than words! The objective of Choral Recitation is to refresh, enliven and train each child in a large group and simultaneously bring to each one a variety of valuable experiences.

Ex-student and alumnus Mr. Some excellent swimming was on display as 95 students from four Houses competed in 35 events ranging from Freestyle, Backstroke, Butterfly stroke to Medley Relays, in various categories. It was great to see the swimmers take on the challenge and the chance to win important points for their Houses in this closely fought competition Eventually, it was the Green House that emerged victorious.

The Chief Guest was impressed with the hard work, commitment and skill shown by all the Competitors who competed. Well done to each and every participant! Best Swimmer per category: Past the hustle and bustle of the city, through the serpentine roads of the village, the group finally alighted at the far end of the village to begin the hour long climb to the caves, negotiating over rocks and pebbles as they crossed streams and scrambled upwards across slippery rocks.

The imposing grandeur of the caves left everyone awestruck. This was followed by a fresh water massage under the cascading waterfalls - undoubtedly the highlight of the day. It was indeed an exhilarating experience for our first time trekkers. Rao brought to our attention the incorrect posture we adopt when standing, sitting or relaxing.

Since spine related problems have increased even amongst youngsters, we were taught to recognize and correct our posture, so we in turn could do the same for our students.

This plant, which blooms once in eight years, was the star attraction of the trail. A gurgling stream, a profusion of blooms, a variety of butterflies, carpenter bees and birds and the calls of a peafowl set the scene for the trail which was headed by our Staff Members: It was a learning and an enjoyable experience for our students and teachers.

The day began with a special assembly conducted by the Student Council. They took over the classes while the Teachers enjoyed an enthralling entertainment programme that was prepared specially for them. The day came to an end with a sumptuous lunch, bringing down the curtain on this eventful day. The students showed exemplary presentation skills, confidence and deep understanding of their respective topic.

The Green House emerged winners with a compelling presentation on Cloud Computing. Overall Results Green House: It combined the elements of Street plays and conventional theatre and dwelt on various challenging issues that teenagers face. Through song, dance, drama and live musical performances, participants effectively highlighted pressing teenage issues.

Lokur threw light on fascinating aspect of this branch of Economics that works towards ways of integrating the marginalised. Individual - Rifle Shooting: This event was held on 19th August The Judges were very impressed with the quality of plays enacted and took a long time deciding on the winner. Blue House 1st Best Performers: The topic for the Individual Category was "One by one the lights went off and the footsteps faded away They visited the Celebrity Wax Museum, where they learnt how wax images of renowned dignitaries are made and preserved.

At NAB-LIONS, they learnt to appreciate the work done by the visually handicapped, trained to weave, knit, make paper bags and plastic bags and, more importantly, to value their own eye-sight. At Shaniwarwada, they learnt a great deal about the headquarters of the Peshwas.

The students also enjoyed the winding jeep drive and the trek to the highest point of the Sinhagad Fort. In his spell-binding talk, he addressed matters that affect every individual. Narrating incidents from his life, he gave our students invaluable advice: The students learnt to work as a team and the Inter House competitive spirit reigned through the day. This action packed day came to an end with the much awaited prize distribution ceremony.

The winning Houses were the Green and the Blue. The workshop was conducted by Ms. Productions, which has produced successful shows such as Panchatantra and Yatagarasu. The intent of the workshop was to help the students hone their skills in speaking expressively and effectively.

The workshop touched upon various aspects of public speaking such as breathing, posture, vocal and facial expression and articulation. This was done through an interactive session of games and exercises. The students were very appreciative of this absorbing and engaging workshop. The students participated with enthusiasm and came away enriched with the knowledge of how to develop better essay structures.

It was a battle of nerves and mental ability as the 69 finalists competed with their opponents in their respective categories. At the end of the day, it was the Yellow House that emerged victorious. U, U, U14, U16, and U Congratulations to the Blue House who emerged winners.

The talk highlighted the dangers of smoking among the youth, problems of addiction and why passive smoking is also harmful. The students took a pledge to not smoke, avoid passive smoking and support those who want to quit.

They were declared the Runner-up team and have qualified for the next round. After a gruelling session of four rounds, the following students were adjudged Math Wizards of their respective classes: Shivani Sawant, an eminent theatre personality. The students found the workshop informative and exciting. Our students of Stds. The session commenced with an action song followed by a game and concluded with a value based story which taught our students how important it is to make the right choices today if they want to have a good tomorrow.

This will be an on-going programme in the current academic year. The Chief Guest Mr. This year students were felicitated in recognition of their hard work and outstanding dedication, watched by an audience of family, staff and students. Delegates who were selected on the basis of the content of the essays submitted earlier, got an opportunity to not only update themselves on global political, social and economic issues, but also to debate on them and to lobby for support to the resolutions put up by them.

The 3 day Conference concluded with the Prize Distribution Ceremony. They not only received certificates for their academic excellence, but also for winning the Intra class Spelling Bee and Math Wizard Competitions and excellence at the Macmillan Testing.

The importance of developing good character was emphasized through a skit performed by students of Std 4. Congratulations to all our young achievers! The Competition showed great support and participation by a large number of students. It was pleasing to see such a vibrant atmosphere created by the students in a friendly but competitive manner.

Well done to the Red House who emerged winners! The panelists voiced their opinions on issues such as "What determines not only a competent leader, but also a good leader" and "What constitutes success".

At the end of the conclave both Captains were presented with iPad minis and the School, with a trophy. Besides this, the children also engaged in a craft activity which they thoroughly enjoyed. Parchure and Ms A. Bharathi accompanied the students to this event. New Staff were warmly welcomed into the fold. This was followed by two invigorating workshops: The seminar addressed these issues by engaging teachers in various exercises of the mind. The workshop was very well received by all the members of the Staff.

The main objective of this workshop was to share with teachers the skills required for effective and engaging story telling as well as its application in the classroom. The Resource Person Ms. She highlighted the role that teachers play to cater to these special students.

The Staff found the Workshop relevant and effective. The workshop explored ways in which human beings generate speech and create a curriculum to enhance thinking, speaking and listening. The workshop focused on creating motivation for children to speak in complete sentences, and teaching methods to create fluency and enrich oral vocabulary.

This interactive workshop allowed teachers to break their own taboos around sexuality, through a series of fun and enjoyable games, discussions and role playing activities. By the end of the session, teachers were empowered with the skills to address difficult questions from students, handle adolescent behaviour and better manage their classrooms. Kahani Karnival enacted a story for the little ones with mime, action and dialogue. The children heard and saw the story with rapt attention.

KG students were enthralled by a dance drama performance by Kahani Karnival. The story enacted with music and dance. The children were encouraged to use their hands and facial expressions to portray emotions. Musical Morning The metamorphosis of our little KG. Musical Morning scheduled to be held on 12th and 13th April Classwise, the students will render songs in English, Hindi and Marathi.

They will receive their report cards and a story book as a gift to encourage reading during the summer months. This event took place on 21st February With this in view Mr.

The solemn lamp lighting ceremony was followed by a prayer service. Our two Valedictorians Varun Ginde and Soham Tiwari moved the audience with their heartfelt speeches and inspiring messages. Lad and Lass The dance session and dinner that followed was welcomed by one and all with great enthusiasm. It was an unforgettable and nostalgic evening for both staff and students as they began the evening with a solemn yet poignant Valedictory Prayer Service.

This was followed by fun and games and finally ended with a sumptuous dinner. Our Guest of Honour was Ms. Our students won laurels in the following events: Yuvan Chugh [7F] - 1st place in English. Rohan Soni [8D] 1st place in English. Om Mathur [7A] 1st place in Hindi [Junior] category. Arjun Pawar [7D] 1st place in Marathi. Rachita Moondra [9A] 2nd place in Hindi. Sakshi Umrotkar [6D] 2nd place in Marathi. Rhea Sundaresan [9D] - 1st place. Aryan Chhabra [9D] - 2nd place.

Arjun Pawar [7D] - 2nd place. Serena Augustine [7E] 2nd place 2. Aditi George [9C] - 3rd place. Sonam Myatra [8D] 1st place for Marathi.

Leisha Manjrekar [6A] 2nd place for Marathi. Mrunmayi Mandlik [7F] 3rd place for Marathi 4. Shreya Roy [6E] 2nd place in Hindi. Ishaan Goel [7F] 2nd place in English. Surabhi Shetty [8B] 2nd place in English.

Eeshta Bhatt [8B] 3rd place in English. Santa is expected to visit them to spread happiness and goodwill. They visited historical sites in the city to learn a more about our past. The members were able to witness, explore and learn about the working and mechanism of aircrafts such as INA S Harpoon and Chetak. Members were also able to view different types of guns and missile systems. Rhea Sundaresan [9D] bagged the 2nd position in the Junior Category. Our students brought home the following prizes: Anshuman Komavar 8C A team of students from Stds.

Katie Bagli on 17th October Kalam, who passed away on July 27th this year. We began the day with a special assembly, highlighting the remarkable and outstanding contribution of Dr.

Kalam in the field of science. Though in the midst of Term Assessments, students devoted time to read books written by him and other great authors. The Junior classes watched documentaries highlighting the life of Dr. Kalam or the Missile Man as he was popularly called and his achievements as a great scientist.

They spent the day at the village doing a variety of tasks: The day was one of giving but also one of learning. All in all, it was a very satisfying experience for these teenagers. Patkar on 26th and 27th October Patkar conducted separate sessions for boys and girls on various issues related to the teenage years and which play an important role in their mental health. Usha Pandit on Friday, 9th October Production Green House - Best Team: This interactive presentation discussed vital issues like malnutrition and health risks faced by youngsters due to inadequate nutrition.

Nimisha Rangnekar Gholkar [batch of ] or Nim as she calls herself, conducted an enjoyable and interactive session with our ISC students on how to think and write creatively. Students of each section prepared a special assembly in Hindi along with hymns in Hindi. The news was also delivered in Hindi on that day. We wish her the very best. After several gruelling rounds - written and verbal - our School stood 6th out of 23 participating Schools. The students enjoyed the beauty of expression, thoughts, rhymes and rhythms.

A fiercely fought and vibrant Debate among the four houses was held on 25th August The topic was "India should not do away with the capital punishment". The winners of the War of the Words was the Blue House represented by: Students participated with great enthusiasm.

They were trained to make backdrops and handled light and sound themselves. Their hard work was well appreciated by the Judges. Nishant Mathew [Yellow House] 3rd prize: Joshua Jesuratnam [Blue House] 2nd prize: Gayatri Kanhere [Green House] 3rd prize: Yuvan Chugh [Blue House] Besides appreciating the bio-diversity of nature they also carried home a sample of soil-less cultivation in a used container.

The band members were: It was a great learning and fun-filled experience for the students. Khevana Makhanwahla [12A] 3] High Commendation: He gave an overview of the courses offered by their School. Our School participated in many events and brought home trophies in the following categories: Salve showed how hope and prayer, will help us to deal with stressful situations.

The students dispersed feeling calmer and motivated. The highlights included piano performances of Yankee Doodle, Dr. Foster and other popular pieces. The children also sang as a choir, showcasing their singing talent. The level of discussion and debate was both intense and thought provoking. On Monday, 6th April Mr. Inir Pinheiro, Managing Director of Grassroutes, a social entrepreneur involved in rural livelihoods who showed short films about his role models. In an engaging presentation, he gave them an understanding of Macro and Micro Economics and encouraged them to take an active interest in everything that is going on around them.

Hari of School Cinema followed this with a session on avoiding the perils of drug and substance abuse. This was followed by an energetic session of dance by trainees from Star Dance. They attended sessions in cinematography, sound mixing, animation and fashion drawing held by knowledgeable and passionate faculty. The students got an overview of the skills required to make good cinema. IAYP members of Std. It was an exhilarating and fun-filled learning experience for the students.

The highlight of the trip was the Campfire night, where everyone shared a few laughs and danced their exhaustion away. The students returned home with a bundle of memories that they will cherish forever. The parents appreciated this opportunity and cheered the participants enthusiastically The course included theoretical and practical training.

At the end of the training, students who completed their oral and practical exams were awarded certificates. The topics the faculty will undertake to discuss are: Hidier is the author of "Born Confused". The session was a huge hit with our budding writers.

Results of the Math Wizard [IntraClass] 1. Std 1 - Anshul Bhatt 2. Std 2 - Vivaan Bhatia 3. Std 3 - Yash Muthalia 4. Std 4 - Shaurya Goel 5. Std 5 - Aditya Choudhury 6. Std 6 - Arjun Pawar 7. Std 7 - Dhrutvan Joshi 8. Std 8 - Rhea Sundaresan 9. Std 9 - Anish Ghanekar Std 10 - Tanvi Hisaria Std 11 - Aaryaman Sen Std 12 - Sanat Batra 2. The workshop aimed at inculcating values of faith, honesty, integrity , humility and optimism in our students. This visit helped to sensitise our students to the importance of clean energy, rain water harvesting and waste management.

Sriya Khan Green House 2nd: Yashika Shinde Yellow House 3rd: Gayatri Pawaskar Yellow House 2nd: Aaryaman Sen Std Armaan Jetha Green Girls: Eshaan Kashikar Yellow Girls: Vedant Bapna Blue Girls: Aryaan Mehra Yellow Girls: Ishaan Jaffer Green Girls: Aditi Nazre Blue 1. Identity and Career Education is an important part of this process. The 3rd place was shared by the Red House and the Yellow House.

What is worth mentioning is that the scripts were written by the students themselves and later fine - tuned to a thrilling theatrical performance. Nikita Joshi Green House 2nd Place: Rhea Devchell Red House 3rd Place: Green House 2nd Place: Blue House 3rd Place: Red House 4th Place: Anushka Agrawal Red House 2nd Place:

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