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The crash course I went to helped me learn the information, not just to remember it for the examination. The course was broken down into different segements which stopped it becoming boring or tedious. We only select teachers with an exceptional skill set to join our platform. MALP interviews and checks every teacher that applies to join us. Our team only comprise of outstanding practitioners who have been carefully vetted for quality of teaching and professionalism.

We also offer resource packs for Psychology Teachers. We are now offering tuition online! These can be bought online and downloaded today. Follow 3 For my experiment in A2, i want to look at how siblings how many of them, what sex etc can affect somones confidence. So they may have none die to no siblings, or the other way round. My problem is, I need to have a previous pyschologists study who has studied the same type of thing and results to be able to compare my results to.

I have found some, but cannot access any of their work. Basically I was wondering if anyone would be able to help out. If you know of any psychologist that has looked at siblings etc Or even send me a link to a website that would have any information you may think I would find useful.

Follow 4 That seems quite obscure. Just do memory like everyone else. Follow 5 Does the study have to be very similar? Also do we only need one? Bethaniee Follow 0 followers 11 badges Send a private message to Bethaniee.

Follow 6 When I done mine last September I was told you had to do a replication of a study, but changing the DV. For example, I replicated someones study on the barum effect in relation to how gullible people are when reading horoscopes, but looked at gender differences in this gullibility. Follow 7 Im stuck on my statistical test bit. Im doing a Mann-Whitney U test and trying to say why iv chosen it but i really have no idea other than i was told that the other test i was going to do wouldnt work.

What does the Mann-Whitney U test actually show? Statistics severely confuse me! Follow 8 You can also take a practice exam at any point during your studies. Get help from our psychology instructors: Let our knowledgeable instructors answer any of your psychology questions. Who Are Our Courses For? High school students preparing for AP tests College students studying for credit-granting exams Students who want to improve their grades Adult learners interested in earning a certificate of completion Teachers preparing for licensing exams in this subject area Why Our Courses Work Get expert instruction: Experienced instructors walk you through examples of experiments to help you understand the psychology concepts discussed in each lesson.

Take practice quizzes and tests: Keep your course completion goals in-mind with a tracking feature that shows you how many lessons and quizzes you have left to complete. Use your subscription to explore additional areas of psychology or expand your studies to related fields, such as sociology or counseling. The videos on Study. Students in online learning conditions performed better than those receiving face-to-face instruction.

By creating an account, you agree to Study. Explore over 4, video courses. Find a degree that fits your goals. Our self-paced video lessons can help you study for exams, earn college credit, or boost your psychology grade. Choose a course below and get started! Education Level All All. Human Growth and Development. Research Methods in Psychology. AP Exams - Advanced Placement. UExcel Exams - Excelsior College. Ohio Assessments for Educators. Back Education Level All.

Back Course Type All. Filter Courses Back to All Courses. Research Methods in Psychology: Human Growth and Development: Life Span Developmental Psychology.


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This A-Level Psychology Course aims to develop your understanding of how science contributes to the success of the society. You will learn about different areas of .

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Mar 28,  · A level Psychology coursework help? I have an artildcle that needs to have three different psychological issues in and have found them. But I need studies to back these up and can't suitable ones on the Resolved.

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A level/AS/A2 Psychology Coursework – Options For Topics The term psychology covers vast area of topics. First of all you need to narrow down the available psychology coursework options to . Jun 19,  · I have to come up with an interesting idea for my A level psychology coursework and need suggestions. It must be about any of these topics * Effects of appearance on compliance * The influence of physical attractiveness * The role of attractiveness in relationships The more orginal the idea the better! show more I have to come up with an interesting idea for my A level psychology Status: Resolved.

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3/4 of a 1 side typed. Remember you have to be very straight to the point. If you go slightly over the word limit don't worry. I got an a last year 4 my english coursework and i was words over. My psychology coursework was only Remember if you have any irrelevant info cut it down. In an attempt to clear this clutter and allow others to discuss non-coursework areas of psychology (degree level psychology, for example) it has been decided to create three threads for discussion on the pieces of coursework, one for each examining board.