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What is Factors Affecting Electrolytic Conductance?

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Due to these inter-ionic forces the conducting ability of the ions is less in concentrated solutions. With dilution, the ions become far apart from one another and inter-ionic forces decrease. As a result, molar conductivity increases with dilution. When the concentration of the solution becomes very-very low, the inter-ionic attractions become negligible and the molar conductance approaches the limiting value called molar conductance at infinite dilution.

This value is characteristic of each electrolyte. The conductivity of an electrolyte depends upon the temperature. With increase in temperature, the conductivity of an electrolyte increases.

Electricity is carried out through the solution of an electrolyte by migration of ions. The relation is valid only when the discharged ions do not react with atoms of the electrodes. But when the ions combine with the material of the electrode, the concentration around the electrode shows an increase.

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Raise your overall understanding of the concepts and achieve admirable grades with Transtutors. What is Factors Affecting Electrolytic Conductance? In general, conductance of an electrolyte depends upon the following factors, 1 Nature of Electrolyte: Migration of ions Electricity is carried out through the solution of an electrolyte by migration of ions.

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