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Other methods will replace the prior animation. Right-click on a subsequent animation and select Start With previous so both animations will coincide. If you select After previous , animations will be set in a sequence. A Combo-animation has now been created! After several effects are assigned to a single object, you can see them stacked at the Animation Pane. When you select the object on a slide, all its animations will be automatically selected in the Animation Pane and the Animation gallery will indicate Multiple.

Now you can control the effect options that many animations provide. For example, you can change the direction of the Fly In effect. In order to do that, right-click on a specific effect from the list on the sidebar and select Effect Options item from the drop-down menu, which will open a pop-up window with effect settings. You can also select an animation and click on the Effect Options drop-down menu right on the Animations tab. Timings can be managed right in the Animation Pane. When you hover the mouse over the green timeline for the effect, you can adjust the start time for the chosen animation.

If you click the mouse on the border and drag, the duration of this specific animation will be changed. Also, you can use numeric input by right-clicking on the animation and choosing Timing. If you want the animation to repeat, e. Until End of Slide as a 1 because the conversion engine cannot calculate the length of the slide, which is important to proceed. To work around this, set Repeat to any numeric value, e.

For general purposes, a Fly in animation can be used. It will move an object to the final point from any side. However, we cannot control the starting point and trajectory using this simple animation. Applying a motion path will give you full control over object movements around the slide canvas to create precisely what you want. Transform the path or Edit Points to make fine adjustments. If you choose Custom Path, you can draw freeform. When you are done, press the Esc button. The green spot will show the initial state of the animation and the red spot represents the final position.

If you select the path itself, you will see a ghost object as shown on the picture above. Knowing who your audience is very important, especially in business presentations. In fact, it is a MUST that you know who your audience is before you even go looking up current design trends. Your effectiveness as a presenter or as a speaker will depend on how your audience reacts to your presentation. To sum up this point, your custom presentation slides should reflect that you know who your audience members are.

In business presentations, your audience is typically composed of busy individuals who need to be in ten places at any given time. This is why when designing your custom PowerPoint slides, you need to make your presentation as succinct as possible.

As much as possible each slide should only contain one main idea. As you can see in the example above, over words have been crammed into a single slide! Imagine trying to get people at the back of the room to read that! For each point, write a few words about it. And explain the rest in your speech.

You want to get your point across. Using fonts that look like hieroglyphs may look nice and interesting to you, but not to your audience. The right fonts to use in your presentation can help evoke the kind of emotions you want to stir in your audience.

Pairing different font faces and using different sizes helps you establish an information hierarchy, that is, the bigger the font, the more important the point is.

Also, try to stick to fonts throughout your presentation. For instance, you can use a serif font for headlines, and a sans serif font for sub-headlines and other texts. Doing so helps create continuity. To keep things simple, and to make your presentation look clean and professional, keep the number of fonts to a minimum.

For ideas on the best font pairings to use, you can check out this article or this website. There is also a modern phenomenon known as the picture superiority effect , which makes pictures and images more likely to be remembered by your audience. If you want your audience to retain as much information as possible from your presentation, use high-quality images and graphics. Depending on your topic, you may want to use graphs and charts to present your data and information neatly.

To truly stand out from the crowd, you need to think outside the box. You want to impress them as much as possible. Commissioning custom graphics to support your sales pitch is an investment, not an expense. Pricing varies for these types of services, so do look around until you find the most suitable one for your needs.

Of course, you have to make sure your image is actually relevant to the message on your slide. The only exception would be if you actually work for a pet company. Only then would cute animal images would be acceptable. You can just use PowerPoint. To access the Picture Tools, click on the image you would like to edit so you can see all the different options available at your disposal.

As you can see in the screenshot, the Format tab in Picture Tools will allow you to remove the background, add artistic effects, and so much more. Apply effects sparingly and try to imagine how your audience will react.

As with most things in PowerPoint, try not to go overboard with the different effects. You can try out each effect until you find one that best highlights the point you want to discuss in a particular slide. Using a color scheme is important for your business presentation. The choice is yours whether you want to use a light or dark color combination. But you must know that different colors evoke different emotions in people.

If you want your business audience to react to your presentation in a manner you want them to react, then you need to understand color psychology and learn how to pick the right colors. The eyedropper tool is very useful indeed. If you need ideas on nice color combinations, you can head on over to the Adobe Color Wheel. You can browse through the color strips and when you find a combination you like, you can either download the colors or take a screenshot.

You can then insert the color strip to your PowerPoint slide.

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The following steps will walk you through how to create a custom background in Adobe Photoshop to be used in a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. How to Create Your Own Custom Shapes in PowerPoint By Ellen Finkelstein PowerPoint has a new feature that’s very hard to find, but that people are praising over and over.

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Jul 03,  · Custom PowerPoint template is a free design for PowerPoint with floral frame for PowerPoint presentations. The template for custom presentations in PowerPoint is especially designer for those who are looking for free custom PowerPoint templates for business or commercial presentations but also for personal projects and conferences.5/5(26). In this article, discover how you can create high-quality and visually attractive custom slides for your business PowerPoint presentation.