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❶Published 22 days ago. Call us at to request a separate letter ID for the secondary taxpayer.

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Well-known Oregon attractions like OMSI are covered, but lesser known destinations like wineries and gardens are also suggested. For adventure travelers, recreational activities like boating, hiking and camping are covered in detail. For more relaxed travelers, you can find sightseeing tours and restaurants. So there is something for everybody. Anticipation is half the fun of traveling, and reading a travel guide before you go on vacation is like getting a taste of ice cream before buying the whole scoop.

Vacation time is short, so it is good to be prepared. Have fun on your trip and enjoy the book. I live in south central Oregon and have for over thirty years. If you are a first-time visitor to our beautiful state, this guide will work fine for you. This touches on the different areas of the state - and Oregon is quite diverse.

We have lakes, rivers, waterfalls, desert country, low mountains, seashore,Crater Lake National Park, Oregon Shakespeare Festival, small towns, cities. The guide devotes a lot of pages to Portland.

But if you are an outdoor person at all, Oregon is perfect for hiking, sightseeing, fishing, boating, camping and more. So, this is a handy guide but not too detailed on any one area except Portland. Oregon is very definitely not California, despite all the Californians who decide to retire there. The introduction talks the basics of visiting, followed by chapters oriented on the different parts of the state. Portland rates its own long chapter as the entry point for most visitors. The magnificent Crater Lake gets its own chapter, of course.

Each chapter offers advice on what to see, where to go, what to eat, and where to stay. This guide includes some maps and diagrams, along with a nice selection of photographs. The chapters include lots of website addresses for further research, including all the outdoor recreation you might want or need. Highly recommended as a vacation planning tool. This latest offering covering Oregon is no different. As recent transplants to Oregon, we are doing a lot of exploring on the weekends and this guide is great for learning the differences between the various areas that make up Oregon.

I think if you were going to stay strictly in Portland, there might be more detailed specialized books that would serve your purpose for a general sense of the areas and things to do in Oregon, this is a good offering. I wish it had a little bit more info in Central Oregon section especially in regards to Bend-Sunriver-Sisters as these are very popular places to go in for people living the Willamette Valley where a lot of the population lives.

See all 13 reviews. Most recent customer reviews. Published 11 months ago. Vine Customer Review of Free Product. This process required in statute means that the assumed rate gets revisited, mortality rates get revisited, and after the PERS Board hears from the actuaries and other experts, it will decide to lower the system assumed rate, update mortality tables, and both of those figure into the Actuarial Equivalency Factors AEF that convert account balances into streams of payments for retirees and beneficiaries.

So, there you have the most current update of what is going on now. I have to confess that the title of this Flying Burrito Brothers album jumped into my head after seeing a color news photo of the Capitol Building in Salem with its gilded statue on top. I am not a believer in conspiracy theories, blind and willful ignorance, or plain incompetence I do occasionally make exceptions.

Since you all know that I write only about PERS and recently only about the Legislature and its long history of trying to take benefits away from workers , I have been following the discussion and contributing to it regarding the Senate Workforce Committee and its unwillingness to confront PERS in more than a desultory way I mean that; I take nothing from all the informational meetings except a complete unwillingness to do anything for or against PERS bills except to pick two bills and send them up, with all their attached amendment and without any recommendation, so that the Black Hole known as the Joint Ways and Means Committee can do their bidding in the absence of light.

The two bills, well-discussed in previous posts are SB unamended and SB unamended, plus 10 [or possibly only 9, see below] amendments that will be forwarded without any further discussion. Last Wednesday, the Workforce Committee held its only public hearing where the public was actually permitted to testify on these two bills. The primary objection was to the presence of an Emergency Clause in both bills, but especially in Senate Bill Eyes were distracted from the true problem, and like magicians working an audience, the members of the Workforce Committee promised to amend the bill SB to remove the Emergency Clause.

And they did in a single amendment numbered dash But like all magicians, the amendment removed the Emergency Clause from the original bill, as introduced, without touching the Emergency Clause in any of the 9 amendments in which it is replicated. In both amendments, this particular change is fomenting all the fear, uncertainty, and doubt, not to mention causing untold anxiety for near-term Money Match pre-retirees and leading to a mass exodus of people since the beginning of the year.

All other provisions take effect on January 1, Removing the Emergency Clause changes nothing about those sections because the courts would have to decide exactly when the bill took effect. So far, the situation is made even more complicated because the Chief Legislative Counsel, Dexter Johnson, issued a memo to the Senate Workforce Committee pointing out why taking the emergency clause out is a bad idea. The reasons are virtually identical to those articulated here in multiple previous posts, in responses to individual emails, and in posts over on PERS Oregon Discussion see link to left.

Without the Emergency Clause, PERS is prohibited from recalculating employer rates until on or after January 1, , and litigants are unable to begin the legal process of contesting any element of this bill before January 1, There are other reasons as well, but the long and the short of this is that the Emergency Clause is necessary so that the legal status of any of these changes can be largely settled by about this same time in , while the Legislature is undoubtedly dealing with other budget issues.

And this all leads me to brand the Legislature of , meeting under that gilded dome, the Gilded Palace of Sin. Believe nothing you hear from a Legislator or a Union at this point in time. Only when you see something in writing, in the form of a bill, an amendment to a bill, or a complete revision of a bill should you take words seriously. Written words matter; talk is cheap. So far, nothing said and certainly nothing written offers any assurance that what is proposed to happen will happen in any other way.

Let those words guide your actions. Make no assumptions, accept no assurances. It is time for all these people who have been offering vague assurances to put their words on legal paper rather than in in tweets, emails, or E-lerts.

Only when those words make it to bills that matter do any of those stupid assurances have any meaning. Beware of Emergency Clauses, but beware even more of clauses that have no certain date in them, or bills being forwarded into a Black Hole with blanks where numbers should be. If you take those assurances at face value, then you are a sucker, and you are playing right into the hands of the charlatans of the Gilded Palace of Sin.

The votes were both in favor of referring without a recommendation. Senators Gelser and Monnes-Anderson opposed sending either measure forward. But, in a seriously bizarre twist, perhaps influenced by this blog, perhaps by the sheer number of panicked members, there were three new amendments sent up along with the original SB and the already extant 10 amendments including the one to eliminate the Emergency Clause.

Of the three new amendments, only Dash and Dash merit note. While these amendments seem to be variations on the same theme, there are three elements of note in each: The effect of this is simply to add more permutations and more combinations of ways in which Joint Ways and Means can choose to implement changes to PERS going forward.

As I noted elsewhere, it appears that we are nearly back a ground zero, with a new group of people to consider changes to PERS not necessarily based on policy considerations, but solely on the basis of how well the changes help balance the budget. Since the Senate Workforce Committee made no choices, made no recommendations, Joint Ways and Means now has a Chinese menu of options from which they can select one from Column A, one from Column B, and give current and inactive workers an egg roll and a misfortune cookie.

Sadly, this offers those in the position of trying to time retirements to avoid the impact of these changes no guidance whatsoever. Not only has nothing been clarified, now people are faced with nearly the same list of options proposed long ago by the Portland City Club except the COLA change is now off the table. I have to pay for bandwidth, costs of duplicating documents when they exist only in paper form, and keep printer ink around to read lengthy documents, and the time to do the research.

Marc Feldesman, site owner and publisher. Feldesman c - All Rights Reserved. Posts may not be reprinted without prior consent.

Higher Education has already implemented Janus, effective with July salaries paid on August 1st. This challenges public employee union finances just as they head into the season where political sponsorship and endorsements are critical, and lobbying expenditures during the long legislative session loom large.

I expect a heavy recruiting campaign by the unions to raise employee awareness of the value of union membership. Regardless of their success, this is a major jolt to their finances and is the beginning of a long-known objective of conservatives to seriously diminish the union role in influencing election results in local, state, and national elections. Our only good defense is a good offense. And the November elections matter more than most.

Just remember that your votes for local and statewide offices are critical for your own fiscal well-being, while your votes for national office are critical for your and our psychological, social, physical, and economic well-being. Remember the title of this post and the last. Poor voting choices could turn those titles from hyperbole into reality.

Posted by mrfearless47 at Allow me to enumerate: First, a significant fact. There are more than , PERS retirees and beneficiaries beneficiaries are not listed in the public list cited in the Oregonian. While the second is mentioned; the first is not. Put another way, The OHSU President worked there for 38 years as a specialist eye surgeon, generating huge billings and income for OHSU, as well holding a series of administrative positions culminating with him being the President of a nationally recognized health sciences complex Medical School, Dental School, Nursing School, major research center, multiple PhD programs employing over 20,, with a multi-billion dollar budget, and generating large sums of income for OHSU and multiplying that through the entire state.

Again, the endorsement payments were paid to the UO Athletic Department and were presumably run through UO payroll, and with the appropriate pension payments made to PERS on all income. None of this should have come as a surprise to the institutions; nothing was done in secret. None of this should have surprised the Legislature or PERS, both of which were aware of the details as they were formulated, and as the pension benefits were accruing.

If there was anything untoward, there was plenty of time to object during the negotiations and the signing of the employment contracts. Some of the pensions include income that employees earned on the side [see above]. Other retirees benefit from long-ago stock market rallies that inflated the current value of their payouts.

The second time it closed was at the end of , when ALL employee contributions to Tier 1, Tier 2, and the newly created OPSRP plan were directed to a separate account, not subject to employer match, not subject to any rate guarantee, and subject only to the performance of the market in good times and bad.

Most of the cases where new retirees earn far more than their Final Average Salaries are instances where the employee has long been inactive, but not retired. In these cases, the Final Average Salary is frozen at the last known salary when the member worked, while balances continued to grow at the assumed rate until retirement. Not surprisingly, a large majority of these people end with benefits exceeding their Final Average Salary. Nine of the ten top recipients are Full Formula retirees, while one is a Money Match recipient.

So, the article focuses on two Full Formula recipients with unusual but relatively uncommon salary arrangements, and blows smoke about Money Match when only 1 of 10 top recipients receive that benefit. The article does acknowledge that Full Formula is what most states use. Of all the claims, this one pisses me off the most. But this overlooks several important points: If employers had fulfilled their obligations in real time, the current problem would be negligible.

Following the income tax remedy negotiations, the employers were expected to cover the cost of this in their current contributions. Moreover, it took the PERS actuary longer than it should have to recognize that Money Match, not Full Formula, had overtaken the formulae calculations starting in the early s. By , the tax remedy [see below] and the Money Match problems hit the employers simultaneously, with concomitant and hardly unexpected rate hikes to cover the additional expenses.

In addition, they sued to claw back some earnings crediting to members in for , setting up the reforms see above and below , which, in fact, clawed back 8.

In short, the employers, the Board, and the Legislature used creative techniques that allowed PERS employers to deliberately underfund their contributions to the system. This further overlooks another important factor. The budgets of many public agencies are built from small taxpayer contributions, coupled with significant user fees levied on the primary beneficiaries of the service.

My local city charges me significant water and sewer usage fees, which covers a significant portion of their operating budget. One school superintendent complains that PERS is the root of all their problems. Measure 5 did several things among many others. It limited total property taxes to no more than 1. Measure 5 also provided no funding mechanism for this massive change in school financing, leaving it to the Legislature to reallocate existing funds to cover the school budgets.

Higher Education and Human Resources were massively underfunded to come up with the revenue to cover K funding. The state imposes no restrictions on salary and benefit packages for the school districts; they negotiate within the district with the Superintendent and the locally elected School Boards. Josephine County also has a total effective property tax rate of 0. PERS calculates Final Average Salary based on parameters set by the Legislature, and the elements of those parameters that each agency chooses to participate in.

The sick leave calculation is irrelevant to Money Match retirees. I left over hours of accrued sick leave at the table when I retired. First, all Tier 1 members those hired before , were initially promised at the time of their hire that their PERS pensions would NOT be subject to Oregon state income tax.

In , the US Supreme Court decided a case - Davis v Michigan - that concluded that, for income tax purposes, States could NOT treat resident federal retirees differently than public employee retirees.

At the time, Oregon was doing exactly what the Davis v Michigan ruling prohibited. They were sued for breach of a statutory contract, impairment of a contract, and wage theft.

At that point, federal retirees were permitted to deduct from their Oregon Income taxes, the amount of pension income attributable to work prior to October when the Oregon Supreme Court ruling was finalized , while being taxed on that portion of pension income attributable to work performed after October The PERS retirees whose work was completed prior to October received an income tax remedy a pension increase of 9. For those who continued to work after October , their income tax remedy was a fraction of 9.

For me, for example, my work career began in September and I retired in October I received a tax remedy adjustment of 6. Only Tier 1 members hired before October are even eligible for any sort of tax remedy. The article makes this appear as if it were a gift from the Legislature, when, in fact, it was a decision forced on the state by the US Supreme Court, and applicable to only a small subset of current members. The article misrepresents Tier 1 and Tier 2 employee accounts.

They are real accounts whose member contributions were frozen at the end of Tier 2 had no such guarantee and has always been credited only with market earnings regardless of the amount. The higher the assumed rate, the less the employers have to contribute. So, both the employers and members had a shared common interest in keeping the assumed rate high.

But, beginning in , the rate was lowered to 7. Each time the rate is lowered, employer contributions have to rise because the system assumes less income from earnings to pay the required pension benefits. Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention cussler clive action adventure crew juan cabrillo page exciting kept usual packed enjoyable morrison typical suspense dirk drug pitt beginning.

There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. I have to admit up front I am a huge fan of Clive Cussler ,that being said,I had a hard time putting this latest Book in the Oregon series down.

As usual the story was well written,and moved along at a Good pace,and it is believable,as the tech in the book is most likely within reachable range. I would purchase this without a second of hesitation.

I also Appreciate the way he weaves other books he has written into the story lines. The Oregon must prevent the superdrug from reaching the Philippine people. In doing so they must fight a drug Lord whose army is almost indestructible.

The Oregon must deploy almost all of their hi-tech weaponry, which is very exciting. Typically, the Oregon always has a plan, which never works out and they must go to a backup plan which also fails, so they find themselves utilizing the third option, which is usually very amazing.

This novel has all the elements of a excellent "Oregon Files" story and keeps the reader wanting more. If you enjoy "Oregon Files" stories then this novel is a must read. One person found this helpful. Lots of action, interesting plot some of that a bit weak or implausible , worth reading. Worth owning, this entry of "The Oregon Files" is a good way to spend some time, the Dirk Pitt" series is the only real competition in the Cussler world.

Not up to the usual excellence from Cussler and his co-authors on the Oregon Files series. I was bored, plot was predictable. At the beginning I was confused as to where in the heck the story line was going.

Began in so many different settings, I kept wondering how the author s were going to tie this story up in a pretty bow to be able to end the book. I really finished reading this book out of my loyalty to Cussler. She felt the same as I, however she stopped reading it half way through More like mild annoyance. Cussler and Morrison have produced yet another boilerplate thriller.

The Cussler formula is still there but the originality and chemistry is lacking. Early on in the Oregon Files series, the main characters, Cabrillo et al were at least individuals, with their own personalities and quirks. Now, Morrison has made them little more than cardboard cut outs, uttering stock phrases and getting out of impossible situations. I can only hope that this changes quickly otherwise it will be time for the Corporation and the Oregon to sail into the sunset.

I have purchased all his previous books. My all-time favorite author. I have purchased all his previous books, usually in in hard cover. After about a year, I donat all the books to our local library. They really appreciate having them. I like the way he starts his books with a historical chapter and eventually weaves it into the rest of the book. I like it when he puts himself into the book in the Dirk Pitt stories.

It would be great if he could put himself into all this books. This is action from start to finish. I have all the books from his collect -except the series with train inspector. This is my kind of adventure. This reminds me of the very first books of his.

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